Monday, February 22, 2010

day 6 of CNY

19 February 2010, Friday
a day that is full with activities hehe.. it is not tiring at all if you feel enjoy with it very very muchie

well well first of all, went to Danny's place to fetch him.. suppose Rok wanna get angpau from him but too bad Danny's mummy is not at home so then we off to Galvin's place..
then from Galvin's place to Sam Sam's place and last venue for us to visit, Sam Sam's cousin's place.. well youngster nowadays really like to simply white crash other hahaha~!
then from Sam's cousin place, straight i went to have dinner with Chia Family Members at Taman Pertama =p
so today's journey is like as shown below
Danny's -> Galvin's -> Sam's -> Sam's cousin -> Chia Family gathering
so this is end of my day 6 of CNY, enjoy the pictures below ^^

♡cookies made from Sam Sam ♡
yummy yummy~!
♡ entertaining us ♡
♡ got nothing else to do while waiting for Calvin, Galvin and SCC ♡
lets have shoot 1 to 10 hahahaha
shoot 1 to 10 had already become part of our life ???
shoot 1
♡ shoot 2 ♡
♡ shoot 3 ♡
♡ shoot 4 ♡
♡ shoot 5 ♡
♡ shoot 6 ♡
♡ shoot 7 ♡
♡ shoot 8 ♡
♡ shoot 9 ♡
♡ shoot 10 ♡
after taking our shoot 1 to 10 pictures well well SCC them have not reach yet so i shall do something to stress them hahaha~!
♡ while calling SCC shoot by Sam ♡
好月圓秋 ♡
♡let me introduce ourselves to you ♡
Danny as
Galvin as 好
little rain for sure be 月[die die also wanna be 月hahaha~! ]
Calvin as 圓
Sam Sam as 慶
Rok as 中
SCC as 秋
hahaha there are reason for who we are here
♡ happy tiger year rawwwrrr
another issue that can be discuss here haha
this is fun
Danny really looks like tiger
Galvin like a tortoise
Little Rain like hamster ==
SCC like bear =="
Rok like miao miao
* this is what we get during our discussion via facebook*
♡ one family we are
♡ the childhood brothers
♡ learning kungfu
♡ nice picture
♡ nice shirt
*if you don't like my attitude, type eat shit*
♡ ooo how sweet
♡ my best best best brother for life
as i promise, will have a post soon posting how much i appreciate you guys hehe
♡ chia family gathering
3 more missing
♡ cousins
two fellow behind there really truly 男人不象男人
ask me and i will be very willing to inform you why~~~!
♡ with my 3 beloved aunties

showing pictures of the food we had

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