Wednesday, February 24, 2010

day 7 of CNY~!

20 February 2010, Saturday
day 7 of CNY, is known as everyone's birthday haha.. well well after dinner with mummy's side relative well well off to Gilly Cafe, Cheras with Danny, Galvin, Jin, SCC and Sean Chua~!!!
during CNY almost go outing with Danny and Galvin daily till my mummy said: 又是这两个 when Galvin come over to my place to fetch me..
playing cards and chit chatting there that night and thats all~!
✿this is fun✿
bet Rm1 hahaha
that is why the 10 ringgit note is fold in that way~!
✿this more fun
bet Rm1 with Rm50 note
that is why it is been fold in even small size~!
✿ Jin's
get 5x paid~!!
✿ yeeepiii
✿ our lucky charm that make us win alot~!!!
✿ 大家都是90年的 except for me, i am belongs to 91's
✿ THINKING to exchange our photo
but end up all picking up owns pictures~!!!
✿bear bear's
✿ act cool ???
✿ Leon Lai 上身 again hahaha~!
✿ group picture
✿ and never forget our shoot 1 to 10
shoot number 1
✿ shoot number 2
✿ shoot number 3
✿ shoot number 4
✿ shoot number 5
✿ shoot number 6
✿ shoot number 7
✿ shoot number 8
✿ shoot number 9
✿ shoot number 10
✿ never ending shoot number 10 haha
✿ ends with a bad words sign
settle lets get back to sleep =p


Bel said...

nw i oni noe u r belong to 91's lol

小雨 said...