Monday, February 1, 2010

outing with mummy

chinese new year is around the corner so went to Mid Valley with mummy on 31 Jan 2010, Sun to get ourselve stuff for the coming chinese new year~!
yea i have get what i want but still is not sufficient so this fri will be going again with my dearest sam sam + people that gonna join.. actually i do not know who will be joining let sam sam organise will do ^^
well well lunch with mummy at canto-i den shop shop shop and shop like mad hehe.. FUN~! after that we rest a while at coffee bean to gain back some energy then continue shop again~!
out at 1200pm ++ and back home about 2000pm++ cool~!

our drinks at canto-i
my beloved thousand layer cake
fried rice
fried durian
if you are a durian lover well i think it will be great for you
but if you are not well can have a try also
cause the coating is damn nice
honestly i am not a durian lover but this thingy is not bad for me
the coating~!!!
nice dumpling~!
have a closer look
custard yam bun
with the custard flowing out when you bite it
nice nice nice~!
then rest ourselve at coffee bean
my espirit and mummy's macha green tea
little rain of the day~!
tired die
ignore my messy room please
i will clean it before chinese new year

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