Saturday, January 17, 2009


this wil be an out dated post as well cos yesterday my stupid idiotic pc sot jor cant switch it on..
and so yesterday im havin OA class, mr alan ask us to do sumthin wit the pc, im a real 电脑白痴 as i duno how to do !!!!! shoots~ feel so shame on myself when K.S lookin wat am i doin.. i was lik plz dun see very shame la~
after tat we ( me, Ee, Min, CHUN pui san & bi ying) went to old town for lunch as someone is shoutin hungry =p
we are very guai as we din gossip yesterday..we juz chat chat chat without gossip hoho~
later tat lazy bug cum to my place as she got 无家可归.. she ask me not to mention her name..

goes high wit bi ying's violin =p
CHUN pui san said im pretendin elegent wit the violin..
bi ying + Ee
she warn me not to blog bout her..
so i juz blog bout her wound ^^
she fall down and hurt her knee so me n bi ying sponsor her some plasters
the sharp yellow plaster is belongs to bi ying
she LOVE yellow and proud wit it
showin her peace finger ^^
bi ying + Ee
little min + little rain
gosh~ im actin cute again =p
wat a lovely scene hehe~
*tats not me
hands tat play~
she feel much more better after tat
a little boy tat plays secret and make my heart melt wakaka~
get well soon my fren ^^


Chin Ee said...

" someone is shoutin hungry."

u mean me ha? XD

小雨 said...

hahaha~ ya la dun wanna mention ur name la later ppl tink u so ''大吃''

Xiao Min said...

Hehe, im fine! thank you so much!
LOVE you ......... =p

小雨 said...

tats good ^^