Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miki make me sot

firstly i would lik to thanks Mimi n Sherry for givin me accompany durin CE class hehe not ALONE yesterday..
tis wil be an outdated post cos yesterday Miki my kinagarden + primary + secondary skol fren came to UCSI to giv me a visit
she make me very high til i get fever hehe over high edi.. very sick + dizzy~ den my mummy dun allow me to on9 she wan me to rest more so i cant update tis post yesterday >.<
so now im havin fever and follow by the 兄弟姐妹 which is cough + sneeze once a while + very very light sore throat.. gosh~ thinkin whether can i go out tomolo? and sunday as well !!! they r goin for steamboat !!! dun boikot me as im sick.. i wanna go~ and i wan tomyam steamboat ^^

keke shock me when she take out her pencil case.. we r havin the same pencil case hohoho~

but mine is more expensive haha
mine = RM16.90 ( after 20% discount)
hers = RM6.90 (after 70% discount ) =.=
we r havin flim n art, when d movie started, some of the lights had been off but stil there are some tat are stil on so she take tis chance to study history~ fuyoh~
who knows suddenly *bak* all d lights had been off wakaka~ unable to study edi.. ''dai sei'' hahaha~
wit our ahem couple pencil case
and also our ahem couple watch~
kk tats all is time for me to go to rest~ get well soon ^^
thanks everyone tat care for me so so much ^^
*soli tracy hav to cancel our outing today.. im very very soli >,<


y.karmun said...

uik..long time din c tis fella d.. urm.. ya i found ur blog through jasmine's

小雨 said...

waa lagi shock la wei jasmine wor~ haha..