Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lonely little me

and so tomolo im havin CE class i skip the 1st class cos im lazy to go ALONE but stil i cant escape fr it hav to face it and tomolo muz attend edi >.<
hav to attend CE ALONE
hav to face Alan ALONE
hav to study ALONE
hav to sien ALONE
hav to sit ALONE
可怜的我吃到酱大都没try过自己一个上课 !!! T^T
keep nag mummy bout tis til she feel fan~ nvm nvm i wil use tis chance to learn to be independent geh =p
goin out later to watch movie.. honestly i feel lazy to go feel wanna ffk~ can i? plz~
how if i erm ffk~ ? wil u guys let me to do so? plz~ tel me if YOU allow me to do so hehe
*the lazy bug finally update her blog btw, i prefer love song~ more than sing along song~ =p


Xiao Min said...

Who's is the LAZY bug...
why u say ppl like that de ...
Hahaha! Just go alan Cls la ...
Very 'fun' de ...

小雨 said...

waa so fun u pui me la
tat lazy bug love sing along song

❤ Cookie said... can get new frens in ur ce class geh.
Alan ho so leng zai...y not?

小雨 said...

mmm leng zai leng zai
most leng zai is him lo, hu else if not him haha~