Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my 2nd bday celebration

so happy 19 jan 09 went out to celebrate my bday again wit Uni besties tat are Ee & Min at Neway opposite LM
hehe another outdated post =p
feel so happy and high, duno tat SOMEBODY (cant mention her name guess ba is either Ee or Min haha~) can be so high reli shock me and make me O.0
fun to play wit them especially when me and Ee singing Eason's empty boasting.. lik she said reli very syok !!!!! and found out tat actuali there are alot of songs tat we can sing 2gether ( eg. nan quan mama ) yeah~~~
happy happy day ^^
havin lots of fun and soli Min as i keep pushin u and hittin u hehe wanna make u goes high also ma =p
wish to sing again wit them soon !!!
lastly i would like to thanks to all my beloved friends !!!!! thanks for celebrating bday for me thanks alot reli very touchin ^^
i heart all of u !!! muakzz muakzz muakzz~
tot i cant celebrate tis year as it is durin CNY hehe~ once again thanks !!!

me me me~ me + cute Ee
US~ again
yeng ba?
took by me hehe~
den our SS pic turn~
love u guys ^^
有心的Ee 的礼物
is strawberry lotion !!!
ooo~ how good tat she noe tat i do apply lotion
izit bcos i apply durin class tats y u noe? hehe~
anyway~ thanks alot
真的很有心 ^^
and today 20 Jan 08 feel so happy~ as 某人 accompany me durin flim and art hehe~
though the movie is very sien but he make me feel not tat sien =p


Jem said...

izzit me ? i got go ~ ha [ syok sendiri]

小雨 said...

ok la is u la happy?
thanks alot Jem
thanks for accompany me durin flim and art
thank you !!! wakaka fake la~

❤ Cookie said...

like happppppyyyyy ni~~

Chin Ee said...

im happy too~~ next time sure must go cheung again ah~~
u're welcome~

yennching said...

cool oh!!haha....late birthday wishes here...HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

小雨 said...

miki ^^
ya la damn happy lo haha~

Ee ^^
yes yes yes go again nex time wit C also haha

yenn ching ^^
not late la not yet reach also.. is early wish hehe thanks ar