Tuesday, January 27, 2009

happy 牛 year

im bac~~~
suprise ??? hehe suppose to cum bac at 3rd day of cny but due to some issue well im being FORCE to cum bac fr hometown at the 2nd day of cny means today haiz~ sad la ntg to do here reli do enjoy stayin at hometown wit all my relatives !!!
im no more stuck at hometown !!! someone said im a girl tat stuck at hometown reli feel so zhadou at tat moment this how im being introduce at her bloggie =p
BTW happy chinese new year to every1 there though mayb kinda late to wish every1 now but better late than nvr rite? and do wish all of u get LOTS LOTS of angpau !!!!!
here is some pictures i hav took this few days hehe~
25 Jan 09, Sunday (CNY eve~ aka my bday eve~ haha)

little rain is offin to hometown ^^
little rain is ready to go bac ^^Y
saw this cutie there..well this is not my doggie..it is belongs to Chia Yin Hsuen ( the cousin )
she bring it bac to hometown.. it is oni 6months old omg~ so cute!!! Dodo is the name of hers..
haha wanna noe how the name come fr? well, my uncle dislik Dodo Cheng ( an actress) ya my uncle dislik the actress name Dodo therefore he name the doggie Dodo~ LAUGH~
me wit the white hair guy~ (tryin to kiss me he said)
wit the bro~
u noe ur hair TERUK la~
wit my baby~
do we look alik???
ALL ya ALL my relative said we do look alik since the day she born til now they r stil sayin the same thing..
26 Jan 09, Monday ( is cny~ aka my bday wakaka)

my baby ^^
baby + me
yes we r ugly
baby kiss kiss~
love u much much
sayang u much much
wit my dearest grandmother ^^
very very 不舍得 her when im offin to K.L. today
and she do feel the same, asking me to stay longer
i wish too~
will go bac visit her when i hav holidays..
angpauSSS i get for my bday..
oni bday u noe din include the CNY
lots leh??? hehehe~
but it is hard to get this much i hav to thicken my face and tellin my dearest aunties and uncles...
me: today bday ar!!! 1 more plz~
*tak malu*
happy wit the bday angpauSSS i get hohoho~
at nite they play fireworks and fire crackers
and the pity little Dodo cry lik siao~
know wat? my mum had went bac to K.L. at the 1st day of cny hohoho~ means tat i can hav this.. drink all i wan and all i can !!! enjoy~ finish whole bottle tat nite wit my uncles and aunties..
yet im stil very very fine~ din drunk ^^Y
nex we hav red wine hehe.. finish it as well wit oni 5 of us and im stil very fine ! proud of myself for not easy to drunk.. aunty may praise me as well !!! this is our chia's gene she said hehe..

27 Jan 09, Tuesday ( 2nd day of cny )

my baby wit my specs and without the spec~
look lik me?
anyway, she is cute !!! agree?
the sisters~
baby and me again ^^Y
soli for pretendin cute, baby force me to do so~
SS alot~
alik? alik? alik?
i noe im annoyin soli haha~
wit the white hair guy again
wit Chia Yin Hsuen the doggie owner
offin bac to K.L today..traffic jam make me bored lik hell
luckily i got this wit me..
i noe it is very old old old~
as nowadays u guys got psp & etc.
but hu cares it is old when it can burn ur times rite?
now my daddy and mummy is watchin this
Ip Man
watch it b4 therefore i dun wanna watch again so im here to share my happy moment
tats all ppl ^^
im goin to rest now as im very very terrible tired
wil catch up myself wit u guys tomolo, mayb?


Tenshi said...

ok,i'm the one who typ u stuck in kpg...
btw,where ur kpg woh?
sound like u r enjoying woh...
sure lar~ got so many angpau grab...
share some to me ler...
hehe ^^

Chin Ee said...

Walao~~~~ Very cute ah ur baby~ XD

dEviLruCHi said...

bleh - -~ happy belated birthday

cik syaza said...

happy CNY
nyway ingat tak sape ni
miss u dmn much!

小雨 said...

tenshi ^^
u noe den good la describe me in tis way hehe..my kampung at seremban ar reli very enjoy ya haha~ang pau cant share soli hehe..

Ee ^^
hehe i noe i noe

danny ^^
thank you ar 38 !

syaza ^^
sure i remeber u la syaza my sis hehe..keep in touch !