Monday, January 19, 2009

my bday celebration

another outdated post as yesterday the stupid idiotic pc cant switch on again and today the same thing happen so guess wat i did? i feel very pissed off at the moment so i smash it hehe hit it la den it on automatic edi haha~
went to sunway there to have buffer steamboat to celebrate my bday wit my besties, jay, john john, loomun, rok & yen yen (in alphabetical order) hahaha~ my bday is durin CNY and i wil be at my hometown tat time so my besties celebrate it 1week early for me..thanks alot ^^
where the suprise is given to me ^^
at 1st plzn to go for ice skating yet cancelED
den plan wanna go look up point yet cancelED
so at laz the plan to go feeling cafe at wangsa maju so tat sam sam can join us there..
when i was very concentrate playin games there tadaa~ they gave me a big big suprise tat make me stunt for few second =p
u noe wat, there are ppl singing on d stage at those cafe there right and suddenly tat 2 ppl there singing happy birthday~ and follow by my besties *blurin*
tadaa~ the cake cumin out hahaha~ start to stunt edi =p
feel very very touch and happy.. thanks alot i love u guys very very much !!! muakzz~
thanks sam sam & yen yen as they r havin their finals on d nex day thanks alot and good luck !
thanks rok for being our driver
thanks jay, john john & loomun as well
thanks for everything !!!!!
a visit to sam sam new place.. very nice !
i went bac edi i duno whether they are goin for supper or not as Jay is very hungry at tat time =p

while waitin for our turn to hav our delicious steamboat ^^
all he knows is SMS his gal gal
Rok is happy wit his food
taken by john john
the gays showin how sweet they r in front of yen yen
loomun + me
me + rok
happy wit his ice-cream~
yeah caught ur head =p
yen yen + me
feel so happy as rok put our picture in his wallet
means tat we r havin special position in his heart hehe
fr left---me, yen yen & him
headed to feeling cafe
loomun said wanna make me drunk so we hav this..heineken..
guess wat? at the end i stil can walk in a straight line
but HIM
duno wat kind of line he is walkin.. S i tink
and his face and eyes obviously show tat he is drunk-ED
sam sam + yen yen
rok + me
looks so pale, phone prob ba..
holdin d chocolate tat written
happy birthday janize
at sam sam's place
i love the BIG mirror ^^
goin bac lu~
while rok is pumpin the petrol
i go SS~
he continue pump the petrol and i continue my SS
stil pumpin~
very very slow~
den they join me SS 2gether haha
present fr john john and... loomun also?
i duno BUT thanks ^^
is a pair of key chain
present fr yen yen, rok & sam sam
thanks ^^
and jay thanks for the cake
lastly wil lik to show our IC hehehe~
last but do not least
THANKS for the foods and drinks
din even allow me to pay 1cents
thanks alot!!!!!


❤ Cookie said...

wa! so shiiiiiiiiiooooooooook!! tak payah pay even 1 cent

kai jie said...

ya..jasmine.. she got put her blog link in msn de ma.. i nth to do.. jus go kepoh..then saw urs n many many link here n ther... let my dad approve me drive to uni..then i can find u d...haha...

小雨 said...

miki ^^
ya la bday ''dai sai'' hahaha~

jie ^^
so long edi stil cant drive ?
wanna 88 wit u la >.<

That's One Law said...

Happy 19th Birthday!

小雨 said...

hehe thanks ^^