Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yen's bday ^^

5 Jan 09, was our yen yen's bday so me, rok, loomun & john john went out to celebrate wit her.. we went to Puchong to hav crabs~ ( waited for so long~ edi lo ) ..
and our driver ROK ^^ well guess wat? when he cum my place to fetch me well he almost hit my mummy's car la, * haven told my mum bout tis news la haha~

b4 outing had went for a hair cut~ hoho
well tat hair stylist keep on prasin me PANDAI to cut my hair on my own
now finally 有face见人了 =p
the bday gal enjoyin her crabs
happy til 2 eyes closin
loomun + bday gal
cheessy crabs
duno wat crabs BUT very nice ^^
恋爱中的john john said : most hate ppl tat dun reply his msgs !!!
im soli i wil reply u nex time eventhough i got no credits =p
pic above showin so-called couple of the day
is pic above NOT pic below tq~
little rain + rok
feel tat my hair is nicer b4 outin =p
tats all~
thanks for fetchin us, nex time plz careful abit ar dun try to hit my mummy's car edi TQ~


sumomoyuki said...

i missed the crab =/ regret for it..

小雨 said...

ngek ngek~
nex time la
my bday mayb? haha~