Friday, January 23, 2009

human communication

and so today is my 1st time attending human communication as the lecture alwaz ffk since the 1st day of tis sem so tis wil be my 1st time.. well me and xiao hou dislik the lecture.. he is kinda lame and ''kiam''
firstly, he dun giv us holidays nex week, zhadou~ CNY leh~ me and xiao hou wil not be at K.L nex week and is hard for our fren to sign for us cos he is very strict.. and guess wat? he want us to be punctual if we r late for class he wil deduct our mark >,<
second, he wan us to divide ourselve into two groups for assignment and for sure we wil choose fren we noe BUT den he seperate us wit the group we had choosen shitSSS~
third, he wan us to pass up our individual assignment nex week.. CNY ar !!! kisiao~ how do we hav time to do it??? den sherry told him our situation den he said ok pass up later den *luckily* BUT no nex time if not he wil deduct our mark every 1 minute we late~ every 1 MINUTE ..
aikss dun care him ba lets talk some happy stuff here.. THANKS KOK SUI LIN for the bday card haha.. thanks alot make me so happy.. guess wat she did? she ask all our linked frens to sign in the bday card haha thanks alot.. reli 用心良苦 !!!
they are Ee, huai qing, kah yan, lili, micky, min, money, sherry, xiao hou & yi von (alphabetical order)
hehe thanks alot KOK SUI LIN

the card
the wish and signature hehe


Xiao Min said...

My business also same .....
Next wednesday hv to back liao..
Choi him dou saw

Tenshi said...

wah,ur lecturer not chinese ppl?
how come got class? he sst?
how can he teach human communication since he can't communicate wif u all...
ask him balik kpg lar~ HAHA
y no my name... T.T
i also got sign in there ler~

Chin Ee said...

wah.. sounds bad lar ur class :(

小雨 said...

min ^^
ya u r rite choi them dou sor~

tenshi ^^
he reli sot geh~
eh type ur name in blue to thanks u leh? not enuf? haha~

Ee ^^
yes i very beh song him~
suddenly feel tat alan is quite good haha~

Tenshi said...

u can says tat he is opposite of Alan Hoo ba~
both also male but different is...
Alan Hoo-super lazy but nice person
while ur this lecturer-super hardworking but sst...
thx for put blue colour but y add piggy? am i really like pig mah???
suan le ba~ i AM PIG.. i admit it

小雨 said...

suddenly feel tat alan is a good man haha
tot u lik it ma as u alwaz said u r pig haha kla den u r not pig la u r vege (kai choi)
cut off the piggy edi la ^^

Tenshi said...

i lost my real name since the day i met Peter...
now everyone also call me Kai Choi or (only LiLi call me)
so,u should be happy at least this sem Alan Hoo got teach u lor~

小雨 said...

nvm i stil call u sui lin ar ^^
abit bit happy oni la sien leh !!!