Wednesday, March 3, 2010

day 14 of CNY

yeaaaa i know Chinese New Year already END~! but do bear with me okay ? i still got some updates to be post~! i am been teasing by friends by asking : hey how many days of CNY you wanna continue posting huh ?? / hey where is your day 15th of CNY ??
CNY once a year only SO do bear with me okay ?? this is the very last one for 2010's CNY~!
alright back to the topic, well went to ''juen wan" is explain as change luck with Danny, Galvin and SCC on the 14th day of CNY at a temple located at Sg. Long..
later on off to yumcha at somewhere nearby SCC's place.. then play with hung ming lantern~!
have to silently take picture
because we will not want others to think we are playing in the temple
cannot really pose well CAUSE we want to make it as fast as possible before others saw what we are doing =p
from left; Danny's, Scc's, and mine
Galvin don't have Galvin don't have
do this in the temple ???
no no no
we respect God alot
we are just playing games but not gambling
yeaaaa then we play hung ming lantern
preparing with it
please bring our wishes flyyy up high~!
my wish : get taller~!!! i want 172cm only, i am not greedy~!!!

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