Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice In The Wonderland

tuesday become not that long any more when there are alot of classes been cancel~!! haha.. the 8am class had been cancel yeepii then i can take this opportunity to have breakfast with mummy later on the 1530pm class had been cancel too so we got 3 hours break from 1400pm to 1700pm so we [ me, abby, cai cai, cousin, goldfish, saix and yong sim ] went to Jusco, Balakong for movie~! we watch Alice In The Wonderland woohooo finally~!

story about Alice return back to wonderland again after grew up and safe the wonderland from being control by the evil red queen.. the movie is okay not bad and kinda funny =p
yooo~! the red queen.. love her big head alot~! love her more than the white queen show below.. haha love her just because that she is weird~! yea i love everything that is weird~! she play a kinda funny role in the movie..
the not so nice white queen.. cannot bear with her gesture through out the movie.. the gesture of her just make me laugh out loud yet not really that loud.. her gesture over already~!!! wakaka~!

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