Sunday, March 14, 2010

Broga Hill ღ part 1 ღ

went to Broga Hill at 13 March 2010 with CW, Danny, Galvin, Juen Yie and SCC.. thanks Calvin for bringing us there ^^
wake at 0245am and prepare well then off to Conaught at 0330am to meet up with everyone then off to Broga Hill.. haha cannot believe that we woke up in mid night just to go to have a look on the view of sunrise..
alright this thingy right i will divided into few part as i do not know why blogspot nowadays become damn lame and stop me from uploading pictures~!!! so in order to show all the nice pictures i think i will divide it into few parts =p

is very very dark there and it is hard for us to walk without a torch light rest a while and enjoying the stars in the sky
gosh~!!! there are so many starts there.. love it much~!!!
group picture before continue yeeepii
yea this is a very tough part for us to climb
and we do reach the peak in the end
always disturb people when people is trying to take pictures
counting from 1 to 7
actually we do take our 1 to 10 shoot here just i got some problem here therefore i could not upload all those shoot 1 to 10
love this picture most
while waiting for the sunrise
we got nothing much better to do beside SS
see the sky is going brighter and brighter
soon we can take allot of nice picture without using flash
almost there haha
us waiting for the sunrise
to be continue
so stay tune ya ^^

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