Saturday, March 20, 2010


yoooooooo~! did something crazy with a bunch of crazy friends~! thanks for their encouragement or else i will not make this step.. although the result is an expected result but actually i felt quite disappointed with it but like what Calvin said AT LEAST WE TRY~! and we are from majority~!! alright alright quite comforting actually~!!!
yeahhh no regret for my life now can die peacefully hehe~!

actually it is quite tiring and time wasting as we start to wait from 0915am to 1700pm then only come to our turn.. thanks a lot to CW, Galvin, Pooi Mun and SCC for support us alot~!! buy us food and drinks, together wait with us from 0915am to 1700pm.. they really make me feel very touch.. seriously touch..
CW and SCC purposely wake up early in the morning drive there to give us support~!!!
and Pooi Mun too she took LRT there wow~!
and and and lastly special thanks to manager MR. Ngai haha~! be our driver fetch us there, gan jiong for us, print form for us and everything~!!!

all of us at Federal Hotel~!
加油 ^^
just simply like this picture haha~!
Kian Yong cant bear with it and slept there =p
too bored nothing to do

same here, i just cannot open my eyes widely~!
ooo ya we saw Fahrenheit there giving advice and sharing experience ? without Wu Chun~! we hate Wu Chun~! blek~! and we saw Bernard, Royce and Keat Yoke too~!!!


San said...

you did great!!!
sorry for not accompany you :(
Dun hate me pls......haha
share with me when v meet next time!

小雨 said...

yooooooo san san no ned soli la i noe u busy hehe i wont hate u i wil oni love u muakzz..

Anonymous said...

wow...ASQ oh... :)