Wednesday, March 24, 2010

random post

i am having random post now so guess what? i am freaking bored ? not at all actually there are 3 assignments waiting for me just i am too over lazy to start it arghhh how come this semester i turn into a lazy pig huh ? i got no idea, i hate it most~!

have breakfast with abby, cai cai, cousin, goldfish, hiong kuu, sze wei, wei wei and yong sim this morning at old town~! early in the morning only place we can go is old town, we got no other choice T^T
my yummy toast~!
ooo yea, Miss Mimi LLK had actually did something wrong.. according to hiong kuu, Mimi said she cannot accept Hiong Kuu's new hair style and said that it looks like shit ??? omg you know what ?? the whole day hiong kuu was mumbling like an auntie bout her hair.. she keep on and keep on and keep on and keep on ask me and wei wei how do we feel bout her hair..
we then told her on and on that it is okay and nice and actually makes her look younger but then she continue with Mimi said she cannot accept it Mimi said it looks like shit.. so i decided to call Mimi and ask Mimi to tell her that her hair is damn damn nice and does not look like shit hahaha~!

another joke of the day.. did you actually realize what i circle ?? MISS KEN CHONG.. omg MISS.. that means what ya ??? UCSI do agree that.. ahem.. ahem.. sensitive topic~!
and this yong sui bro suddenly pop up with his yong sui sponge bob telling me sponge bob VS domo ==
FML~! i do not know what really happen with my face.. it kinda red erm not kinda should be very red.. and it is damn damn itchy.. what happen ya ?? i think i eat wrong thing again ?? arghhh i do not really know i just feel like i do not wanna get out from the house to see people yet tomorrow i must go for Uni for my role play AGAIN.. arghhh it is torturing * scratch scratch scratch* damn itchyyyyyyyyy ==


miamihero said...

wait!! I need to clarify! I DID NOT SAY IT LOOKED LIKE SHIT LOR! alamak she tambah garam tambah cuka already!!!!

小雨 said...

hahaha~! dim suen hou mimi said my hair lik yat piak siiiii~! laugh die ><

miamihero said...

wei i tell you, i think she hates me :((((

lingsiang said...

walao~~ i where gt hate u har??????

Anonymous said...


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