Thursday, March 4, 2010


3 March 2010, Wednesday.. is our UCSI Unifest~! darling min min got a stall there selling clothes from her blogshop :
so i went there a very while to disturb her =p
the boss~!
2nd boss
thanks to him for helping darling min to take care the stall so that little rain and little red able to shop around at other stall
xiao red + xiao tang
xiao tang + xiao rain
the very 1st picture taking with him after knowing him for almost 2 years~!!!
all my dearest musical friends from foundation with darling min the boss
always enjoy the way she looks like when she is having meal~!
our lunch
and this, popiah that taste okay okay only~!

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Anonymous said...

wow...i gt no time to shop @ the unifest at all @@