Thursday, March 18, 2010

outing with mass comm 的

17 March 2010, Wednesday
what a day that full of sudden sudden outing hahax~!
well well first of all me and Hiong Kuuu do have break from 0930am to 1230pm such a long long break huh ? what shall we do then ?? we decided to go Leisure Mall for Sakae Sushi enjoy enjoy then accompany her for hair cut but too bad we are over early Sakae Sushi will be doing their business at 1130am so we got no choice and we off to Kenny Roger Roster..
felt so damn tired and wish to go back to sleep after the 1230pm class then study for qu
iz on the next day BUT who knows 大哥's mood suddenly come and wanna 唱K.. well since we are equip with full of 义气 [ did i type wrong? ] then we [ me, Fishy and Hiong Kuu ] accompany him to Neway at Cheras Plaza for our 唱K session..
then Ryan, Sean and their friend knew bout it and come over to join us.. yea i went to
唱K with Sean wakaka SOMEONE admire Sean damn much huh, SOMEONE ooo SOMEONE please don't jealous us ooo.. the moment we saw Sean get into our room, 大哥 said lets send SOMEONE a text to inform her bout this haha but too bad SOMEONE is now not at Malaysia =p
alright after
唱K then me, 大哥, Fishy and Hiong Kuuu went to night market and then our non stop laughter begin~! hiong kuu seriously you are so damn entertaining you know ?? you all make me non stop laughing till my intestine feel so pain~!!!

early bird we are =p
hiong kuu's
little rain's
our muffinss
me and hiong kuu do agree mummy made those is much much much more better
dearest hiong kuu
little rain
hiong kuu + little rainwe are DEAR 大哥's fans wakaka
mass comm's


Tenshi said...

actually u r mass com or psycho ler?
really make me @@ jor~

lingsiang said...

a moi tarak put itu picha i dgn luu de...i looked leng in tat picha u said...lmao