Tuesday, March 16, 2010

waterfall ✿

lets get back to the last post for 13 March 2010, well after Broga Hill and fill up our tummy, off to waterfall nearby there.. i do not know the name so do them ??? haha...
guess what ?? after settle everything, reach home before 1200pm.. 12oopm haha see so early right ?? just because we went out damn early which is 0330am.. alright after reach home then i sleep like a dead pig until 1940pm ++
really a tiring trip but it is so damn worth it as the scenery there really nice~!! enjoy alot~!!!

✿ when i saw this i was like OMG~!!! do we really have to walk that much of stairs AGAIN in order to reach the waterfall ??? ✿✿ the bottom part
✿ the top part, where we stop
✿ so relaxing after the long walk and u can actually take off your shoes and place your tiring legs in the water
✿ CW's + Little Rain's + Juen Yie
✿ ooo yeah there are alot of monkey there~!!
✿ group picture as usual, thanks Calvin for all this, he is the photographer
✿ shoot 1
✿ shoot 2
✿ shoot 3
✿ shoot 4
✿ shoot 5
✿ shoot 6
✿ shoot 7
✿ shoot 8
✿ shoot 9
✿ shoot 10
✿ back home then, showing this pair of sweet sweet lover as the ending picture of this post

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