Wednesday, December 17, 2008

finals exam END

yeah~ final exam ends hohoho~ finally =p
feel so happy release everythin le lalala~ dun hav to study durin midnight le but den study at nite is better than afternoon lo can absorb more duno y... ah yuen teach me tis skill de haha i stil remember =p she said study at nite can absorb more n i tried n reli works hehe~duno y suddenly feel wanna blog recently seldom blog so juz feel wanna type sumthin here
k den lets talk bout today exams? well today im havin QM n lame positive psychology exam..
duno hu said go to coll at 0830am do revision? haha soli reli forget hu say so =p
ok im late soli cos suddenly got traffic jam =p soli hehe~ but den went there also blow water de den suan la better than Jem din meet us there cos she is late and late for exam too wakakaka~ soli~
oh ya, tomolo wil go sunway piramid wit Ee, mimi, Jem n lastly the 一百分 CHUN pui san ^^
and again suddenly got the feelin to shop though i hav enuf shop in d weeks b4 finals =p
hope i can get sumthin tomolo haha~ and i do very 期待 for tomolo's steamboat =p addicted wit steamboat haha~ k i noe i siao edi wat to do finals end~ finally end hoho happy ma~
*cherrie LGZ u may date me now ^^ wait u o~
*tracy guai guai study for ur finals la wakaka~ date u after tat =p
*kok yand bored til death? treat me yum cha lo i dun mind to treat by u geh wakaka~ any souvinier for me fr pangkor? =p


Jem said...

Yerr... very bad lor ><
me ah .. me ah ...
Eat medicine then cannot wake up ma ... > < not purposely 1 geh ...

HoneyMilk^^ said...

Lol...tmr i goin camp thn after tat go PD..haha...I think i will date u after 28 Dis...So i giv u time to arrange ur timetable la~hahaa..jkjk...i willl contact u asap...dun worry..haha

Xiao Min said...

LOL ! Hope can get sumthin later...
I Wanna drive ahh, coz i got no transport to college =.=

小雨 said...

jem ^^
ya la i noe i noe =p

honey milk ^^
okok wait u..miss u giler giler la~

小雨 said...

min ^^
yeah at least u get sumthin =p