Tuesday, December 2, 2008

good news

and so that SOmebody got gf jor lo haha is a good news..actuali i wanna share wit everyone bout tis good good news as im very happy wit it but den he dun allow me to do so.. at 1st i dun care but den he keep PLZ me not to do so.. ok so i decided not to do so as he said keep it as a secret..
well actuali he quite ****** he keep ask me not to mention his name here so nobody will noe bout it but den did all of u saw my msn personal msg? he saw it too n he juz LOL but den he dun let me mention his name in my blog.. wonderin y~ weird la~
okok thought im happy tat he had found his love one reli reli very happy ^^ but den i beh song abit as he had KICKED me away fr his featured friends at FS after he got a gf.. ish bad lo.. heart pain jor~

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