Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i love my friends ^^

i love my friends ^^
i alwaz do love them alot alot~ more than i can say..
firsly wanna say soli to Jay t.t as i love and enjoy to wake him up at nite eventhought i noe the nex mornin he is goin to work.. soli ya but den he is good as everytime he wil entertaint me n ask me wat happen, and when i keep soli soli soli den he wil tel me tat he is not angry of me~ and ask me wat happen~
haha touchin la
den wil be tracy, though u nvr answer my call everytime when i needed u d most haha cos i alwaz call her in d wrong time =p but stil after tat u wil comfort me ^^
thanks.. muakzz~
and lastly sure hav to thanks Mimi lo ^^
thanks for carin me so much and soli for wastin so much of ur credit to call me as i noe maxis call digi is very expensive cos i hav tried once haha~ love u.. muakzz~
thanks alot alot to all of u n soli if i din mention ur name here.. thanks for carin me n lovin me so so much i reli do appreciate it ^^
[ cherrie LGZ~ rok~ danny~ sam sam~ Ee~ CHUN pui san~ ]


HoneyMilk^^ said...

lol...i love u 2..kaka

Xiao Min said...

Yeah, Appreciate >< ...
Love u too!

sumomoyuki said...

see so many ppl love u hehe =)

Chin Ee said...

Love u too~~
Give u some kiss kiss la~~
Muakz muakz muakz~~

dEviLruCHi said...

appriciate too ^^
its easy to meet some1``
but its kinda hard to have a friend like u`` =)

小雨 said...

OMG i love all of u very much !!!
muakzz muakzz muakzz~
glad to hav all of u in my life