Wednesday, January 20, 2010

been force

there was a night at 17 Jan 2010, Sunday when Rok went to bed kinda early that night as he feel so lonely and got nothing else to do so he decided to go to bed.. at the other side, little rain that feel very emo also went to bed kinda early as she feel that after she went to bed the feeling of emo will gone once she wake up from bed~!
BUT there is a bay guy calling 2 of them erm or i shall said forcing 2 of them to go out for yumcha.. Rok and Little Rain do give the same excuse which is they are sleeping now / emo now BUT that bad guy use the same skill to cheat to of them to go out.. he said he is already on his way to their place to fetch them.. so how could Rok and Little Rain refure to go out with him ???
so in the end Rok and Little Rain went for yumcha with this bad guy~! guess who is that ??? haha who else if not Sean Chua Boon Kiat~!
*ehhhhh Sean, Fuck You~!!!*
nice story ?

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MC said...

名是不會改錯的... cbk ma... haha... ci bai kia...kaka~~