Saturday, January 23, 2010

tropicana twister

went to the ah neh's place for breakfast on 20 Jan 2010, Wednesday after class with a bunch of leng luiSSS haha~! euwww longest break i have for the week ==
after breakfast some of them went back for classes so left oni me, hiong ku and mimi at the ah neh's place.. 3 of us continue rot at the ah neh's place while waiting for our next class to start.. we smell like ah neh after that~!
on our way back to UCSI we saw the Tropicana Twister is giving free drinks so 3 of us go over there and get some free drink to cure our thirst.. my very first time have a try on this drink.. erm i felt that it is not nice at all~! tasteless~!

♬ mimi
♬ hiong ku
♬ little rain

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