Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Janize [ round 1 ]

totally a BIG surprise from them to me .. well on 24 Jan 2010 Loomun, Jay and Rok suppose to celebrate birthday with me but i do not know why they hell they ffk me one by one and i felt kinda emo at that moment and have also scold them 99.. scold till they felt kinda not happy hehe and i went to bed kinda early that night..
who knows about 9pm++ they come to my house and tell me everything was just a surprise..
omg~! i shout out loud the moment they appear in front of my house.. do not know how to react and feel kinda bad for scolding them that much ==
then we off to Green Box at Jusco, Balakong
thanks Loomun, Jay and Rok so so much~! appreciate ♡

♡ my very first cake for this year ♡
is made by Jay to meeee
hehe dam nice~!
♡ Rok + Little Rain + Jay ♡
♡ me + Loomun ♡
♡ me ♡
♡ cut nicely so that all of you got enough portion to eat ♡
♡ pose like it is raining ♡
Rok is the only 1 that did not scold by me
cause he know i am not in the mood the moment they said ''ffk"
♡ yeeeepiii ♡
Loomun and Jay keep on said heart pain cause i scold them so 9
♡ our group picture ♡
4 of us
thanks for everything on that night buddies ^^
♡ little rain + Eason Chan ♡
my best idol ever
Eason Is The Best~!
♡ mr. jay ♡
sing till 0200am ++ right ?
scary~! cause the car park only left 2 cars
and it is empty and dark~!!!
Jay was so damn afraid because he promise my mum will send me back before 11pm
*more posts to go, so stay tune ^^ *

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