Wednesday, January 20, 2010

outing with hiong kuuuu

18 Jan 2010, Monday.. bump into Hiong Kuuu once i reach UCSI.. chit chat with her for a very while when we are waiting for our class.. then we have a sudden outing after the chit chatting for few minutes haha.. we decide to go Leisure Mall for a walk~!
first mission is to accompany her for a hair cut.. after that we went to Sakae Sushi to enjoy enjoy haha we eat kinda lot that day.. satisfy ourselves very much.. Hiong Kuuu addicted with it already~!
having our sharing to caring to loving moment at Sakae Sushi hehe~! spent kinda long period there after that went to shop a very while then back home~!
Little Rain + Hiong Kuuu
enjoy outing with you and our chit chatting moment
sorry for the low quality of the picture because this is a sudden outing so people do not bring camera along.. after so many sudden outing happen so suddenly i decide to always bring my camera with me =p

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lingsiang said...

im looked freaking dumb in tis pic...haha swt~~