Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Janize [ round 2 ]

surprise birthday celebration party from PSYMASSLO at Full House, Jalan Yap Kwan Sing on 25 Jan 2010, Monday~!!
thanks to my beloved PSYMASSLO so so much for everything~! 辛苦你们了~! i know it is not easy to organize such a BIG and GRAND party with so MANY people that attend~!
what a GRAND birthday celebration i have hehe lets see...
16 people with 5 cars, 3 DSLR, 1 semi pro and and and 7 Digital Camera wakaka~! GRAND 到毛酱咯~!!! 但美中不足的是 chin ee, cousin, sherry, szeqiuan and tham is not there T^T
anyway, appreciate it damnnnn much~ glad to have PSYMASSLO with me~

love PSYMASSLO muchie muchie~!

happy birthday to 38 Janize
haha i likey this~!
whose idea is that ?? my second birthday cake from my beloved PSYMASSLO
muakzz everyone of you
when the drinks served
everyone start to take macro picture haha
mushroom soup
chicken chop
salmon salad
2 cha boh with those kind of siao cha boh reaction
this is where the surprise begin~
is Cemone and Janize birthday celebration
remember the part when the cake almost drop
haha what a funny memory that make me non stop LOL~
do not blame me i am just follow the order from someone to piak the cake on hou hou face
blowing the candles
love this picture very much ^^
make a wish
wishing PSYMASSLO gonna stick together forever and ever
we are just like doing interview or press conference
so many DSRL aiming us
the girls
guys~! do control yourself when looking at our pictures
after fooling around at Full House, we decide to leave about 1700pm++
they are counting the bill like about half an hour there ==
the others that are not involve went for non stop photo shooting
thanks for the lunch PSYMASSLO ♥~
with hiong kuuu
with leng leng san
with 38 mimi
we are good in acting
thank you~!
with 大哥 and a mushroom ruining the picture behind there ♥
*mushroom how come u so short ?? *


dear all
thank you so much
felt very very happy on that day
really have lotsa fun
glad to have all of you in my life
thanks for lighten up my days
love all of you muhcie muchie
*hugs + kisses*
p.s: more picture at www.facebook.com haha~!


miamihero said...

I suggested it to be '38 Janize'!
hahahahahha glad you LIKED it kekeke.

lingsiang said...


Bel said...

all those th epic are so nice!!!
hapi belated bday again~C=