Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Janize [ round 3 ]

26 Jan 2010, tues the actual date of my birthday~!! too bad that day i have class from 8am to 8pm ==
who wanna celebrate birthday at college for the whole day SO i decided to skip class and go out for lunch with MC~! skip class for 3rd time in my life, yeah i know imma good gal ^^
off to mid valley after physiology class at 2pm and have our lunch at TGI Friday..
*Danny Chai you are not allow to said i am not fair for just went out with MC and ignore you, i did send you a text but you did not reply only T^T*
after class at 8pm back home and celebrate with my dearest family members~!

MC + Little Rain Rain at Mid Valley~!
our drinks
lunch at TGI Friday~!
my strawberry lemon slushes
MC's pineapple something something that not really nice haha~!
chicken pasta
grilled salmon
brownie obsession~!
dear Danny, Jay, Sam Sam, Sean, Rok and Yen
haha this is what we get from the story that we told you guys
after having this nice thingy then MC drove me back to UCSI to continue my very last class of the day~!
my favourite chocolate moose cake from Mon-Cherry Cake House for the night celebration with my dearest family members
make a wish
make a wish
blowing the candles
euwww i am 20 now
and i cannot believe that i am actually welcoming people to join the 20's group ==
people said now little rain had been transform to be BIG rain / GIANT rain
haha that is so damn funny~!
thanks everyone that wish me
appreciate it most~!

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