Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ivy + Ives Engage Party

9 Jan 2010, Saturday

is our Yen + Ives big day~! because of them, i have cancel ALL appointment, datings and bla bla bla just to attend their BIG day party hohoho i know i am such a good friend.. and i bet after Yen saw this post she gonna LOVE me more haha right Yen ?
2 months later they gonna have party again at the same place so this one is like a rehearsal for them~!
wish u 2 last forever and ever~1
appreciate each other =p
happy to see you to have him wit you ^^
* cheers *
thanks us for coming
Yen so damn happy on that night
triangle love ?
then we have our fun after the party
photo shooting~!
cannot get the feeling~!
yeah~! we get the feeling~!
3 cam-whore freak here
again we have our 1 to 10 serial
this time i am good
i did not delete any picture even though i looks horrible in the picture
now w have our complete 1 to 10 serial
shoot 1
shoot 2
i looks so damn nice her hehe~!
shoot 3
okay i looks horrible here
shoot 4
shoot 5
kinda width screen but still okay with it
shoot 6
hello hello~!
still i feel that the last time shoot 6 looks better =p
shoot 7
i looks 38 here =p
shoot 8
i like this ^^
little rain : 4
MC : 5
4 + 5 = 9
shoot 9~!
shoot 10
our always favourite pose !!!
later on went yumcha at somewhere nearby my place
ooooo my pau face kena pitch~!


Anonymous said...

engage party? hahaha.. pei por yen sure will like it very much.. XiaoHaiZhi

Chester said...

lol little rain pao! spamspamspam!