Monday, January 11, 2010

sudden sing k ✿

suppose to have MOT [ Management Organizational Theory ] class from 1400pm to 1700pm who knows the lecture cancel the class due to some lame reason ==
so sad~! got nothing to do then and i got 无家可归 so 4 bored people [ Fishy, Little Rain, San and 大哥 ] went to sing K at Jusco, Balakong..
is our very first outing for year 2010

✿ on the way
all of us looks so happy
can see it clearly from our happy faces
all smile widely with the teeth shown
i like this picture
San + me
first thingy we did when we arrive
so that we can sing peacefully later on =p
my always best sing k partner
use kinda long time only manage to psycho her to go =p
cause no San no fun
✿ people from the same car during Penang trip
they have their own memory during the trip
that is why they can sing so many songs together
✿ with my 大哥
singing Negaraku
that is why they stand so straight haha
just kidding but they
✿ singing 大哥 with 大哥
don't play play
we are JaniCe's fans
first time sing k with this guy
i shall not look down on you
cause you can sing very well !!!!!
✿ Jay Chou fans here
hahaha just realize that he is a Jay Chou fans
good good~!
we sang alot of Jay's songs
✿ me
this part damn funny !!!
Fishy singing 可不可以爱我 to 大哥
the situation really make us laugh die !!!
especially when Fishy looking at 大哥 and sang 你可不可以爱我,可不可以看我,反正看或不看, 我依然失魂落魄
actually this is a song that i have long finding i thought it is sing by Yoga / Tank and i keep finding but still fail.. after Fishy sang it then only i the reason i cannot find this song because it is not sang by either Yoga / Tank
✿神啊 救救我门吧~ 一把年纪了 一个爱人都没有 !!!✿
✿ San looks so pro with 大哥's baby ✿
✿ ours ✿
✿ my Domo ✿
✿ my hubby ✿
let you guess what song it is =p

✿ group picture ✿

✿ i like this picture damn much ✿
showing our smelly face~!
enjoy till max for the very last week
next week onwards have to study hard~!!!
tough semester i am having =p


San said...

i just realize tat the sing k moment is soooooo nice after reading this post! hahaXD
looking forward for next time :)

the group picture is so nice lor!

hope the god really listen to us

miamihero said...

yikes.. sing k didn't ask me along loh! Sei sui yeh!! And that song is... fong sau by Lam Fung is it is it???!