Saturday, January 23, 2010

movie day

went for movie with fishy and mimi after class on 22 Jan 2010, Friday at Pavilion~!
actually Cemone, Regine and the bf Way Meng and also Wen Yee is going too but we go there separately because we wanna go there for movie and they wanna go there for shopping~
that is why we been seperate into 2 group
first of all fill up our tummy first at Madam Kwan~!

flowers there~

went for photo shooting first before movie begin~!
♪ watched tooth fairy ♪
a story about a man that do not believe about fairy tale and keep on destroying dreams of small kids. then he had been punish for not believing in fairy tale and as a dream destroyer. during the period of punishment he start to behave well than usual and believe that all the while he is wrong. so he turn out to be someone kind and nice in the end of the movie. not bad~ kinda funny
after movie, meet up with them and have a group picture before we head for the next movie~!
♪ watched woohoo
haha~! malaysia production. you can get to see alot of people that you are familiar with. ooo 刘界辉~ 刘界辉~ 刘界辉~ my beloved one hahaha~! happy die the moment i saw him in the movie =p
alright this is a movie about how 5 man is been train on the tiger dance. at first they just do the training for the sake of money and once they find out that they are being cheat and will not pay for anything for the training, the decide to leave. on the way leaving the felt that is not good to do so then in the end the return and complete the training
nice movie that contain alot of moral value~! worth watching too~! you will laugh die in the cinema like what mimi and i did hahaha~!

photo shooting continue~

haha~! mimi so damn funny she not in time to run into the group picture~! i keep ask her to run run run and she was like huh? i press already ? and then we end up with this picture~!

they said this is the lame pose ever~!
then why still wanna take ==

the one that mimi love alot and keep on capture his picture~!

before back home~
♪ fishy's
♪ mine
have this before we left
cupcake chic
not bad not bad~!


miamihero said...

i think fishy ask me to take the picture of the shoes one lo ok! hahaha and the picture.. u really crop yourself out.. xD

小雨 said...

ya la he ask ppl take and den keep say lame == dia lagi lame hahaha
ya la i follow wat u said crop myself out =p

Anonymous said...

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