Thursday, January 21, 2010

what am i in my society

i was doing my sociology paper works moment ago and i was totally stuck and do not know what to write with it..
title : what am i in my society~!
due to the help of my 兄弟门 that giving me so much information so i manage to finish it in time~! you can read what have them suggest to me that actually stimulate me to write about our brothership
i have told them that i seriously will write about our brothership but none of them trust me T^T
so i told them that i will copy paste part of the story of the brothership here as an evidence that i have really mention our brothership in my paperwork~
special thanks to Danny and Sheeken that correct my grammar mistake ^^

I do actually playing a role as a best friends of a group of friends of mine. This group of friends is actually made up of 4 guys which is Danny, SCC, Sean and Rok. We used to talk with each other every night and share everything in our life with each other. Though I am the only girl in the group but still they treat me nicely and share everything with me and did not even isolate me. I am glad that they trust me much that actually make me feel that I am a trustable friend for them. We appreciate each other much and I love this kind of feeling much. There is a promise between us which is no matter what happen our friendship will remain and last forever. I am glad to have them in my life and also happy to play a role as their best friend in my life

[this is the part that i have mention ^^]

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